The Cacao Tree

Jan 18th 2017

     Did you ever wonder about the Cacao tree. Where is it found? How does it grow? Is it tall or short? Does it need dry weather or humidity? Read further to find out about the delicious Cacao.

Cacao naturally grows in rain forests. The trees need consistent climate with little season change.  It needs a deep, slightly acidic, moist, well drained soil. The trees use the shade of the forest from all the surrounding trees and leaves to grow. 

The Cacao trees naturally grow to about 50ft in height but cultivated trees are trimmed shorter to make harvesting easier. 

Most of the different species of Cacao are found in their native home of northwestern South America. However, over half of the world supply of the Cacao sold in stores is from two East African countries: Cote D'Ivorie (Ivory Coast) which exports 41%, and Ghana which exports 13% of the world's supply. 

As with Coffee, Cacao is a crop that is grown in extremely poor areas with hot climates and manufactured into a product that is generally consumed in very wealthy areas. 

So, the next time you find yourself eating chocolate, think of yourself as wealthy :)