The Discovery of the Cocoa Bean

Jan 25th 2017

Have you ever found a new flavor of chocolate that you've never tasted before and got so excited at your new discovery? That's probably how excited the Olmecs got when they discovered the cocoa bean.& … read more

No Ordinary Hot Cocoa Drink

Nov 9th 2015

With the holidays coming, the weather gets rather chilly and all you want to do is cuddle on the sofa with your loved ones and drink hot cocoa. Get your creativity on! and try these unique hot co … read more

How To Differentiate Good Chocolate From Cheap Chocolate

Nov 4th 2015

Did you know that the quality of the chocolate affects the taste? Good quality chocolate has a rich elegant taste while cheap quality chocolate can basically just taste like sugar. In this video, Choc … read more

Ever Wonder Where The Love Of Chocolate Originated?

Oct 28th 2015

The overwhelming love of chocolate dates back 3,000 years when the Maya and Aztec tribes made drinks out of cocoa beans and even used the beans as their currency. They called cocoa beans "food of the … read more