Love and Chocolate

Jan 30th 2017

Valentine's Day is coming closer. The day of love. The day of being loved and giving love. The day when people who didn't even know they were loved find out that they have a lover out there. All in al … read more

The Discovery of the Cocoa Bean

Jan 25th 2017

Have you ever found a new flavor of chocolate that you've never tasted before and got so excited at your new discovery? That's probably how excited the Olmecs got when they discovered the cocoa bean.& … read more

Should I Be Giving Chocolate Gifts At Work?

Dec 19th 2016

             Chocolate, alongside dogs, are a man's best friend. And alongside diamonds, chocolate is a girl's best friend. But what does chocolate have to do w … read more

Why Do We Crave Chocolate?

May 19th 2016

    If you crave chocolate, sorry to tell you this but you're not one in a are just like everyone else. We all get that same uncontrollable need for chocolate, but the r … read more