Should I Be Giving Chocolate Gifts At Work?

Dec 19th 2016


Chocolate, alongside dogs, are a man's best friend. And alongside diamonds, chocolate is a girl's best friend. But what does chocolate have to do with the workplace? Why do employers give corporate gifts of CHOCOLATE? 

An article posted on reported a study that was done by Researchers from the University of Warwick linking employees moods with their productivity at work. The study was done with more than 700 participants over four experiments. In the beginning of the first two experiments, all participants in that controlled group were given some comedy clips to watch. In the beginning of the third experiment, all participants in that controlled group were asked about troublesome times in their lives. And in the beginning of the fourth experiment, all participants in that controlled group were given food and drink and of course, chocolate

The second part of the experiment was when the results were evident. Each employee in the study was given a standardized productivity test and sure enough, the productivity of the employees was seen to be associated with the emotions they felt as they took the test. The participants that were in a joyous mood before the test, scored %12 HIGHER than those who were asked about their life troubles. 

The lesson: Being a happy worker makes you a productive worker!

In a different article posted on, Murray Newlands gives some tips to employers on how to make their workplace more productive. One suggestion he writes is to reward employees with Chocolate! It goes without saying that a chocolate treat goes a long way, plus researchers have been proving how chocolate improves memory and is beneficial to our health! 

The lesson: Presenting your employees with chocolate, makes them happier and healthier workers which in turn has a positive impact on your companies productivity!

Whether it's trufflesnut clusterschocolate turtles, or chocolate covered anything, EAT CHOCOLATE, BE HAPPY, and BE HEALTHY!