The Chocolate Challenge

Dec 1st 2015

Two tailors Julian Morley-Orchard, 23, and his boss Roger Long, 50, take part in the funny chocolate challenge inside the store they work at. One man rolls a chocolate down a 16 ft long meas … read more

Thanksgiving Weekend Snack Time

Nov 27th 2015

  Last night you enjoyed your Thanksgiving dinner with your loved ones. You indulged in delicious food that took you all day to create. The turkey was mouth watering, the stuffing was even b … read more

Sweet Potato Pie With White Chocolate Mousse

Nov 25th 2015

Everyone loves the classic Thanksgiving pumpkin pie but Kate Walsh thinks that sweet potato pie "kicks pumpkin in the butt". Watch Carla Hall create a sweet potato pie with sweet potato chocolate mous … read more

Holiday Safety Tips For Your Pets

Nov 24th 2015

     With the holidays coming up, here are some important safety tips for those of you who own pets. For one, try to resist those puppy eyes begging for some holiday chocolates bec … read more

Can Chocolate Help MS Patients

Nov 18th 2015

Is chocolate the best medicine? Scientists will be conducting an experiment to reveal if chocolate can fight the increased fatigue that occurs for patients living with multiple sclerosis (MS).&nb … read more